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Friday, September 30, 2011

EVENT:TM School of rock showdown 2011 @EC Seremban

first place! white snickers from smk dato abd samad

2nd place "sas boys" from smk tengku besar burhanuddin

third place smk mandin "2nd edition"

proud momma :)

certificate giveaways

lucky draw winners

friendly tm seremban staff busy arranging the prizes.

guest band "30 cent" performing their hits while jury tabulating the result.

they are "scarlet rose" from smk king george v

they are "zu fonk" from smk st paul

peeewit! gurls rawk!

BG6 band from smk seremban 2

"white snickers" in action

these are the jury.

TM vip state GM Mdm Salmah mohd taufek and Vips from participating schools.

"left defiance" from smk desa cempaka.

smk yam tuan radin band boys known as "PD rockers"

boys from smv port dickson

"2nd edition" band from smk mandin

they are "white snickers" from smk dato abd samad

superfriendly "sas boyz" band from smk tengku besar burhanuddin

zu fonk band from st paul

all set!

street bunting were placed.

bird eye view at seremban parade, concourse.

EC @ seremban was held 23 - 25 september. sorry lambat update..tade mood kot and stuck with work schedule. anyway it was held at seremban parade. nope, no starbucks at seremban parade..but anyway the peak activity for EC seremban was TM School of Rock Showdown which was held on 24th september(saturday). 10 school finalist performed their best to win the top 3 prize. The finalist was selected from facebook likes which was tabulated previously in a hope to find top 10 bands from participatings school in negeri sembilan.

well the top 10 finalist were smk seremban 2(BG6), smk st paul(zu fonk),smk desa cempaka(fighting square),smk king george v(scarletrose, left defiance),smk mandin(2nd edition),smv port dickson(vee pee dee), smk yam tuan radin(PD rockers), sek men dato abd samad(white snickers), and smk tengku besar burhanuddin(sas boyz).

mr sham visa and din search were invited as jury for the battle of the bands. All 10 bands were pretty good, belting their vocals and showing off every skills they know to wow the judges and crowd, scoring every marks possible to ensure the placing as winner! and the winners are sek men dato abd samad band "white snickers" performing the ol skool hits "jeritan batinku" with their own refreshing rendition and composition. 2nd place were smk tengku besar burhanuddin and third placing scored by smk mandin band "2nd edition". Winner walk away with RM3000 and cert, 2nd place RM2000 and cert and third place RM1000 and cert. yehho!!

well it was a quite succesful event i must say, smooth event coordination and strong support from tm seremban. it was a fun collaboration i had fun working with everyone during my assignment in seremban. next stop is berjaya megamall kuantan, on 8-9 oct. see you there :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EVENT:EC @ City Mall

the boys are from arts collection KK

This is my 2nd trip to KK this year, this time for Everyone connects @ city mall. it was quite sub urban, but the mall impressively has starbucks,papparich,oldtown, giants, and boutiques and salons so ok lah mall tu. It was 3 days event. there are few hiccups but overall i took my time to face it all, and just try to adapt on any weaknesses and hope that next time it will improve.

we fly back to KL on monday, 19 sept via airbus A330-300. it was my first time.so jakun lah..best sgt naik airbus wide bodied cause room leg dia luas. Tak sempat nak jenjalan in KK cause taxi fare are quite expensive but we do go out to eat during our free time. where i had my first "elephant trunk" dish. lol. it was quite yummy.

well if you want to see some of the photos check out my tumbler page 4 - 5 at http://miloviolet.tumblr.com/page/5 *_*


Friday, September 16, 2011

REVIEW:Fright Night

sapelah sangka,neighbour sebelah rumah vampire penghisap dara*oops darah. lol. well in a typical vampire hollywood movie culture,cerita2 vampire ni sinonim la dengan elemen elemen seram tak berapa nak seram dan sudah pasti scene terkejut-terkejut yang akan buat orang menjerit. Fright night tak terkecuali.

jujur ikhlas, tengok movie ni pasal ada collin farrel & toni collete walaupun tak sangka dua orang pelakon famous ni boleh belakon filem gred B mcm nih. Permulaan cerita dia sangat cheesy dan predictable dengan skrip-skrip cliche and pengolahan ceriteria yang sangat sangat boleh tahu apa nak jadi in the next scene.

mengisahkan kehidupan normal pelajar kolej bernama charlie brewster yang tiba-tiba bertukar kelam kabut bila jiran baru yang hot bernama jerry(collin farrel)berpindah sebelah rumah. kejadian aneh dengan misteri kehilangan pelajar-pelajar sekolahnya antaranya kawan baiknya terbongkar bila charlie mula mengenali jerry dengan lebih rapat,dan hidup charlie dan keluarga bertukar ngeri bila jerry mula menunjukkan taringnya yang sebenar.ahaks.

boleh tahan la filem ni tak adalah sucks sangat and it gets better dari tengah movie, dengan kesan cgi hantu dan efek hantu yang agak real.puas hati boleh tengok hantu yang dicgi dengan sempurna.ending jugak make sense dan tak terlampau fiksyen yang tak masuk akal. so apa korang tunggu?pegila tengok ^_^


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


honestly, if you asked me i watched this movie cause of two reason. one, i have to choose between 'hantu boceng' and 'contagion' and ive not seen gwyneth paltrow for the longest time(im not really avid followers of Glee).'Contagion' shows a collective numbers of high profile actors taking cameo roles such as matt damon,kate winslet, gywneth paltrow,jude law,marion cotillard and many more,something that you might not missed if you are a fans of them.

The movie will make you travel back to your lecture hall or classroom, it tells you the chronology of how a deadly virus will spread from one person to another and how a simple unhygienic condition between bat and a pig will create chaos to human global population.

its quite scary when knowing what will happen if such rapidly spread deadly virus might come true disaster. panic and chaos, fear or losing your love ones or your life. its rather amusing when the movie also shows who to believe when the chaos happen. Accusations and theories from many sides would emerges, selfish bloggers(in a film played by jude law) who irresponsible to create propaganda for their own profit accusing and playing the blame game to create fear and to win attention and proving that they are always right(although it may turns out to be a wrong side of info).

this movie runs about 1 hour 3o minutes, it will make you either gonna end up sleeping, yawning or left the cinema hall in fear. Personally, it keeps me awake as if im watching national geographic or CSI but somehow i dont feel any fear stepping out the cinema hall, just a glimpse of reminiscent of how i felt back in biology class,except my favourite teacher wasnt there.

now showing in cinemas near you.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

REVIEW:Apollo 18

The first thing i did before i went to watch the movie was checking the film duration. 88 minutes runtime. which means the movie run about 1 hour 20 minutes or so. Judging by trailer i know the execution of the movie will be something similar to paranormal series where the director will try his best to lock our eyes to screen.

wanna play close up with me?

so did i lock my eyes to the screen?yes i did in almost 70% off the movie duration. Did i enjoy the storyline? not quite right. Apollo 18 tries to be as real as possible, it will try to feed you with the believe that, there's a living thing on the moon. question is. what is the most possible to live there considering there's no population or physical alienation to be seen?

Apollo 18
hey care for another close up?

Hence throughout the entire movie you will be force to wait and to see what the director thought of the possible thing living on the moon. perhaps a smurf creaturelike? theres nothing much you can see in the movie except the moon and the astronauts to the extend in some of shots you will see the close up of the face of the two astronauts Ben Anderson(play by warren christie) and Nathan walker(play by Llyod Owen) to the extend you dont have a choice but to see horrific close up of the Lloyd Owen's face,which is full of "craters". Couldnt help but close my eyes. Thank god it happen once in a while cause face close up usually zoom in the face of warren christie. Damn that man look good up close. hehee.

Well i cant really tell if you gonna see any alien creature popping up on screen in a hide and seek kinda way ala m night shyamalan's 'alien' in his movie 'signs' but doing that, would make the movie to another cliche so lovers for alien tentacles, three finger creature might be disappointed when they see this movie cause its nothing like that.

One thing you can expect least from this movie is a chaotic mayhem scenes, human vs alien ala war of the worlds or will smith's Independence day cause it loosely base on make believe fiction filled with method actings on what could be happening to an unlucky astronauts on the moon. Nothing much to expect except to watch the movie and be ready to be spooks, annoyed, disappointed or amaze for 88 minutes :)

movie passes courtesy of jamar bahar. (thanks!)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NEWS:World Freestyle Football Championship 2011 KL, WFFCKL 2011

If your into freestyle football or(footballers) come on down to Sunway Pyramid, 17-18 September 11am-7pm to witness 16 freestyle footballers from around the world competing in series of challenge to win the coveted titled as WFFC champion 2011.

The championship tour will be held in 10 cities around the world and Kuala Lumpur is the first kick off city!

Former UK champion and former world record holder, Abbas Farid, Nam the man & Daniel Rooseboom will the judges during the two day event.

so if you think you got the skills to freestyle come and show your kicks, come and witness the participants battling out in all challenges AND you you might want to to submit your own freestyle video to participate in Malaysia Freestyle Football championship 2011. YES! we they are looking for malaysia very own freestyle footballer champion!

Want to meet the freestyle footballer in person?
come and meet them for 1 hour fan session during everyone connects @ the curve, sunday, 11 Sept 2-3pm. Centrecourt !

more info:visit their official website


Monday, September 5, 2011

REVIEW:Beautiful, Sexy, Smart Ass Kicking Colombiana!

"i use to want to be like xena, the warrior princess, now...i want to be a killer"Cataleya Restrepo

"Colombiana" is a revenge movie. a revenge movie would be blunt if it wast crafted in such a way that you going to stand up from your seat and clap, or the exciting satisfaction upon seeing that particular devil being punch on the face till all of the teeth fall off. There are two revenge movie that lead by a female hero this year that i watch, the one is "hanna", which i thought was the best female action based movie this year. well i was wrong, "colombiana" kicked it off that chart with not only with it smooth storyline whereby all revenge plot were crafted in a witty ways beyond your expected imagination, secondly Zoe saldana ass kicking, and stunt scenes were not only super strong, but mascular, in an almost ballerina like she kicks,punches and trigger those machine guns as easy and hands on as licking a lollypop!

The movie not only has few iconic scenes that will make you remember in a long while, a witty killing plot away from the usual cliche imagination, for instance in a scene where she carefully crafted the assassination of the victim #23(the jail scene) from the entree till escape plan, it also has some memorable dialogues with subtle meaning that will impress you. One of the memorable ones are the one where emilio makes cataleya choose to either stay in school or just trained her to be killer in a hope to revenge for the death of his father.

The talented Zoe Saldana(centerstage, avatar) starred as bitter,headstrong "cataleya" who were born to a mafia family which has been killed right in front eyes in colombia when she just 9 years old.Pre arrange escape plan by his father prior to his assassination brings Cataleya to Chicago where she lived with his uncle emilio(a mafia leader himself in chicago) and her grandmother. Cataleya will to live was to become a killer to seek revenge to kill "don luis" who killed his family. Will she able to seek revenge on her own?and how did she plan her way to find the man who killed her parents?im not gonna spare you more details on that, make your way to your nearest cinema and watch yourself. trust me, its gonna be worth it ^_^


Sunday, September 4, 2011

TUNES:31 Days In June

31 Days in June
(Zee Avi)

The ripe age of seventeen,
move into the big bad city,
hoping it'd accept me,
but i didnt care it would make me wise and lean

spent many sleepless nights
don't care if the bedbugs bite
a hundred fancy couches
but my pillow was the thought of you
a flameless name
a foolish game
im half crazy
and your too sane

31 days in june,
my only mission was to find you
yes i may be tired and im spent
but my love will pay the rent

with one shirt on my back
my father's duffle bag
and it's seen better days
just like the youth that was once on my face

a shameless name
a foolish game
im half crazy
and you're too sane

31 days in june,
my only mission was to find you
yes i may be tired and im spent
but my love will pay the rent<3