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Thursday, September 8, 2011

REVIEW:Apollo 18

The first thing i did before i went to watch the movie was checking the film duration. 88 minutes runtime. which means the movie run about 1 hour 20 minutes or so. Judging by trailer i know the execution of the movie will be something similar to paranormal series where the director will try his best to lock our eyes to screen.

wanna play close up with me?

so did i lock my eyes to the screen?yes i did in almost 70% off the movie duration. Did i enjoy the storyline? not quite right. Apollo 18 tries to be as real as possible, it will try to feed you with the believe that, there's a living thing on the moon. question is. what is the most possible to live there considering there's no population or physical alienation to be seen?

Apollo 18
hey care for another close up?

Hence throughout the entire movie you will be force to wait and to see what the director thought of the possible thing living on the moon. perhaps a smurf creaturelike? theres nothing much you can see in the movie except the moon and the astronauts to the extend in some of shots you will see the close up of the face of the two astronauts Ben Anderson(play by warren christie) and Nathan walker(play by Llyod Owen) to the extend you dont have a choice but to see horrific close up of the Lloyd Owen's face,which is full of "craters". Couldnt help but close my eyes. Thank god it happen once in a while cause face close up usually zoom in the face of warren christie. Damn that man look good up close. hehee.

Well i cant really tell if you gonna see any alien creature popping up on screen in a hide and seek kinda way ala m night shyamalan's 'alien' in his movie 'signs' but doing that, would make the movie to another cliche so lovers for alien tentacles, three finger creature might be disappointed when they see this movie cause its nothing like that.

One thing you can expect least from this movie is a chaotic mayhem scenes, human vs alien ala war of the worlds or will smith's Independence day cause it loosely base on make believe fiction filled with method actings on what could be happening to an unlucky astronauts on the moon. Nothing much to expect except to watch the movie and be ready to be spooks, annoyed, disappointed or amaze for 88 minutes :)

movie passes courtesy of jamar bahar. (thanks!)