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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


honestly, if you asked me i watched this movie cause of two reason. one, i have to choose between 'hantu boceng' and 'contagion' and ive not seen gwyneth paltrow for the longest time(im not really avid followers of Glee).'Contagion' shows a collective numbers of high profile actors taking cameo roles such as matt damon,kate winslet, gywneth paltrow,jude law,marion cotillard and many more,something that you might not missed if you are a fans of them.

The movie will make you travel back to your lecture hall or classroom, it tells you the chronology of how a deadly virus will spread from one person to another and how a simple unhygienic condition between bat and a pig will create chaos to human global population.

its quite scary when knowing what will happen if such rapidly spread deadly virus might come true disaster. panic and chaos, fear or losing your love ones or your life. its rather amusing when the movie also shows who to believe when the chaos happen. Accusations and theories from many sides would emerges, selfish bloggers(in a film played by jude law) who irresponsible to create propaganda for their own profit accusing and playing the blame game to create fear and to win attention and proving that they are always right(although it may turns out to be a wrong side of info).

this movie runs about 1 hour 3o minutes, it will make you either gonna end up sleeping, yawning or left the cinema hall in fear. Personally, it keeps me awake as if im watching national geographic or CSI but somehow i dont feel any fear stepping out the cinema hall, just a glimpse of reminiscent of how i felt back in biology class,except my favourite teacher wasnt there.

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