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Sunday, December 4, 2011

2NE1 -2nd EP! BEST!

 I know this is Rare! but i have to blog and recommend you guys about this. 2NE1 -self titled mini album, its a follow up  to their sophomore album.(which i already had). Some of my friends actually surprised that i follow Kpop, LOL, I did from the surface cause didn't quite impressed with the talents until i saw 2NE1 dynamic image and infectious tunes,one after another. It all glued very well, making them one solid strong powerful group with alot of attractions, you cannot deny their talented force but to love them :)

For those of you who havent got infectious with Kpop yet, and still looking for the best kpop music to listen to, then 2NE1 is the one that you should look out for.

the mini album consist of 6 powerful tracks :-
1. I am the best
2. Ugly
3. Hate you
4. Dont cry (solo song by lead vox park bom)
5. Dont stop the music

In case you haven't heard. 2NE1 just won America's MTVIGGY's Best new band in the world 2011. A voting base program which involve online voting from around the world. Being a winner, 2NE1 will perform  Live at New York Times Square on Dec 12 2011, along with other top 5 MTV IGGY's Best new band in the world 2011 finalist such as la vida boheme, Yuna, Gyptian which also be stream online on MTVIGGY

Okay, im not gonna blog down on who are they, or their personal details of every members of the group, you may google them up, watch their videos on the youtube! maybe afterwards maybe you can tell me, if you hate them or love them! :)

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