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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Plan. Jet Lag plan.

what will american/canadian or any high profile bands from the west(after few albums out)do in planning their comeback, when the oceans now seems like filled with spunky new school of fishes in the sea?

They, either hit them all head strong,spent all the money with fancy producers or glossy music video? or put a new style,trying to look young and still arousing to the younger demographic? trying to claim back the throne or come out with a new album for a world tour-to a new territories that never had intentions to stop by during other previous albums?(Asians seem still hungry for everything blondie and blue eyes right?)

In Simple Plan case,i really love their mgmt plan to do an album, worldwide tour and release a single with collaborations from artistes from different continents. Their single "jet lag" not only features few collaborators that will hit different language territories. They selected french, mandarin, and bahasa. Aiming countries that will pickup the singles as radio play.

The original english version of the single feature collaboration with Natasha Bedingfield for north american and other english speaking territories. They group release glossy music video to acompany the ear catchy duet song, that talk about the longing feelings of two lovers in long distance relationship.

For French speaking countries, the group collaborate with French Canadian rock chick Marie Mae, French Star Academy 2nd runner up.The bilingual single featured Simple Plan with english and french language lyrics with the same theme. Actually i prefer this french-english version than the english version :) . The initial video were shot at the same location as the original english version.

For bahasa speaking countries that will hit brunei,singapore, indonesia and malaysia, the group collaborate with indonesian rock group "kotak" . Tantri, the female lead vocalist of the band were choosen among many other singers in the region. The video were shot with the same theme, this time Tantri decided to add a cheerful colour to the longing song :)

For chinese speaking countries, the band selected "kelly Cha" radio host/singer from China to do the honour to the "jet lag" song.

Somehow not all singers from other continents have the honour to record a single with the official music video, for example Vanessa Amerossi from Australia although was selected to perform with the band during the tour in Australia only have the honour to perform with the band on stage.

Although the band latest album "get your heart on!" debut at #52 with 9,000 copies sold, they certainly has the collaborations has certainly place the band right back on the chart elsewhere. Enough to be notice by new fans and remembered by their existing fans.

Simple Plan is now out with their latest single "Astronaut" :)

Official Website: http://www.simpleplan.com/


Blogger Cob Nobbler said...

Simple Plan is Canadian band.

January 22, 2012 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger Melodica said...

i meant the band from the west in general. but anyway thanks for correcting me :)

January 22, 2012 at 7:48 AM  
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