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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here are my top preference!

Stacy Kiebler wearing Marchesa.
why : its 2012, constructive design chic, and classy, it suit her, it stand like a statuette. Perfect for Oscar 2012.

JLO  wearing Zuhair Murad
why : its 2012, dress made for today maybe the design still relevant till 2014, very Tron. Love the lines and transparent layer. the colour suit JLO and her age, it will look better also with younger lady without the train and in colors! :)

Angelina Jolie wearing Atelia Versace
why : the dress is for PRESS, angie is so smart, people end up talking about her legs and her dress even after the award show ends! Joan rivers hate the dress, hollywood mocking it, personally this dress is brilliant gimic! love the black jack color and the red blood lips. 

Rose Byrne wearing Vivian Westwood
why : perfect dress! perfect hair! love the color its vibrant, its chic! the bareback cut is also edgy..if im gonna wear a dress for oscar, this will be my dress! perfect for 2012 !

Gwyneth Paltrow in Torm Ford
why : this is smart and chic, fashion forward, suit the hair, perfect bracelet, whoever dress her up got taste! 

and last but not least!
Sacha Baron Cohen!