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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drummer Night @ Nerofico

Contrary to the usual offering by other KL event organiser, Nerofico "Drummer Night" certainly has it own way to lure visitors to their dining outlet. Nerofico as cute as it sound is actually an Italian restaurant located at Wisma Perintis at Jalan Dungun Damansara Heights(Help, CIMB etc). Not only they serve quite an extensive, affordable menu on pasta and other Italian dishes they also host a series of showcase and performance night to entertain their guest.

On 29th April, the diner were packed with drummers and drum lovers. It was a full house event,where i had to enjoy my pasta while standing next to the bar. lol. But since i am so close to the stage, the best "seat" is mine, i literally can jump on the drummer's lap. :) so yeah!

The sunday night showcase,consist of 6 reknowned young talented drummers in Klang Valley, they are John Thomas(who also play the macho host that night), Jimmy Tan( from the band 'tempered mental' who also proves that he can also be an entertaining host with needful amount of laughter to loosen up the crowd ), steve nanda, omar ibrahim, the handsome martin ngim & the famous sessionist in town right now mr azim jenk (Faizal Tahir's drummer).

It was really good to see this time around the drummer is given a chance to frontal the stage, no more hiding behind the vocalist. It was an instrumental night where they perform covers and some instrumental arrangement from their own composition. 4 drums which belongs to 4 drummer were place on stage. while the other two drummer took their turns to share.

The showcase was a successful one, i bet they gonna have another round of it anytime soon! :) 

official website : www.nerofico.com


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