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Saturday, April 21, 2012

MAS Convocation....

 Opening remarks by FA & FS on duty(i forgot their names, sorry!)
 Welcoming speech by Mdm Melinda Lui, Head of Malaysia Airlines Inflight Service 
 There goes certificate giving ceremony
 Dance & performances by the batch 15 & 16 2011 Grads.

 She's the best student batch 15, Miss Raihanna.

proud of ya sofia!

I usually hates convocations, i nearly skipped mine(but im glad i didnt skipped it!), convocation took a long hours esp if you had to be part of it, and yeap longer waiting hours. The larger the batch of students involved the longer waiting time awaits for each of them waiting for their name to be called.

Anyway last year i attended two convocation of my friends. This year, im glad when my friend invited me to join her convocation. I'm a lil excited since this time around, it was a convocation for Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant. It was for 2011 batch 15 & 16. 

Held on April 10th, at the Malaysia Airlines Academy in Kelana Jaya, which i reckon it shall be appropriately refer as the bird nest since it really nest Malaysia Airlines flight crew and office management before they actually join the Malaysia Airlines working world,  offering their award winning services up in the air or on the ground.

The convocation began with opening remarks then welcoming speech by the officers from the management office. Then followed by the cert giving ceremony which the FA & FS names were called one by one, and they walk up to the stage with grace and smiley faces. Later they played video montage of the batch, the before and after transformation. I had fun watching the transformation video. Where they highlighted all of the transformation of the grads. Some of them came from rural kampung, i particularly remember one video of FA named Syafiq (batch 16) who put up his photo nearby padi fields on his old motorbike, hes the usual kampung rempit, it was quite inspirational watching how he has transformed into a professional MAS FA wearing the dark turquoise suit with hair combed neatly and smiling confidently ready to take over the world.
It also quite touching to watch some of the grad put up their before photos that showed their lower end part of their life, some who worked at gerai, some showed their childish side with the ducklips photo, and then watching their transformation "after" photo with them wearing the MAS kebaya and suit looking matured and professionally, i cant help but getting emotional, the proud feeling of seeing your closest friends and family has now going to start their working life full of confident and charisma. *tears ;)

Similar to other convocation, MAS FA & FS convocation were held in the morning, at 10am and completed  right before lunch time. They serve refreshments for the parents,family and friends attending the ceremony. I leave the hall feeling so proud of them all.Of course i have a bigger respect for them all.Knowing that to completed all the training and exams with only 3 mistakes in all paper(97% minimum passing marks), surely not everyone can handle the rigorous modules! So yeah! congratulations everyone! especially to miss raihana, syafiq, Sofia and all batch 15 & 16 Malaysia Airlines Academy Grads!

 Maybe we'll meet again on board :)


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