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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A trail to YUNA.The US Debut.

April 24th is the official released Date. The US debut perfectly titled "Yuna". In the album Yuna collaborated with a few US, Canadian & UK talented producer Pharell(Gwen Stefani,Madonna,Shakira,Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Kelis, Timbaland etc), Chris Braide (Lana Del Ray,Katherine Mcphee,Paloma Faith,Pixie Lott, Westlife, etc), Andre Harris(Alicia Keys,Mario,Mariah Carey,Destiny Child,Macy Gray, Usher etc) & James Bryan (Nelly Furtado,James Morisson etc)

The album contains 13 Yuna inspired songs with mature,commercially edgy but still fun, which she wrote with the producers. The Producers helps polished up and fusion the indie sound of Yuna's music, for bigger stage as well as larger airplay.

 If you have been looking. So im helping you out!. Here are the official tracklist!

1. Lullabies
2. Favourite Thing
3. Remember My Name
4. Decorate
5. Planes
6. Bad Idea
7. Island
8. Tourist
9. Fading Flowers
10. See You Go
11. Stay
12. Live Your Life
13. Loud Noises

Take a Listen!


(Thanks AlekDreamer)


 (Thanks TheTop22)


(Thanks Fadel Label)

Live you Life

(Thanks Fadel Label)

Released under Fader Label. Yuna debut album looks like a solid debut to look up to. All the best Yuna!



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