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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Its been a while right? malas nak update blog honestly,lately...but anyway i went to watch "29 Februari" last night. i would feel guilty if i give a flowery review and all good remarks considering it was a free screening, but i guess i would feel even more guilty if i being dishonest to myself and especially to you.

Watch this movie with no expectation of it to become a better quality film after "Merong Mahawangsa" , cause i sincerely felt "Cinta Kura-Kura" movie was more entertaining, The best film produced by KRU so far to me was "Magika". But i guess, "29 Februari" would be memorable as the first 3D movie released in Malaysia,and Izzue Islam's first featured film >.<

Nonetheless, On the positive notes, i had fun watching Izzue in this movie and had a good laugh(you will know why if you watch this movie...huhu)with my friends. so yeah, if you love Remy Ishak, KRU, Izzue Islam, or simply want to see the first malaysia 3D movie,go out and watch this movie at the cinema near you starting August 30th. Happy 55th Merdeka everyone! :)