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Monday, October 29, 2012

3.16am. Jhene Aiko

Out of place,out of space and time,
Wide awake,out of papers dying
Not okay,I am out my mind,
Out of space,that's where I been goin'

To a place where
Place where nobody knows,floating
At a place where now you see me
And now you don't

well she sum up it all in a song....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hantu Kapcai

Recipe of a good movie, for me it should be entertaining. Recipe of a great movie, for me it shall be inspiring, or able to change your mind set, effect your life in someway..perhaps a lil,perhaps a lil more.

(Izzue in Hantu Kapcai, as "man greng" he was fabulous as comical samseng rempit
 - photo from malaysia digest)

"Hantu Kapcai" is good entertaining, properly executed & produced local movie this year. Ive watched "chowkit", "mael lambong" and few more to name a few. It was directorial film debut by Ghaz Abu Bakar, my film production lecturer in MMU. So it has to be good, or else im gonna boo :)

(Photo from Malaysia Digest)
Produced by KRU Pictures (they should stick to just being a trio to fund movies, instead of making them, "29 Februari sucked big time LOL). Hantu Kapcai also featured Izzue Islam in his first feature film role. Well, Neelofa had her first in "Azura" which some haters said she sucked in Azura. Fortunately both Neelofa, Izzue Islam & Hairul Azreen shines brightly with their superb acting. All of them just as good as their seniors, Remy Ishak, Zizan & Fizz Fairus.

Go watched it! i watched it two times in cinema, so yeah! i would watch it again if i have too :)