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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Urbanscapes 2012

my friend, Daus joined me...hes an avid music lover himself
 i met my friend farah saad. shh..diam! vocalist, who were busking...
 i bought few clothes and shoe ! :)
 darren ashley 
 and of course the talented yuna, who flew all the way from US to perform on 24th Nov
had fun! walaupun kaki beselut semua, but anyway puas hati :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

ShoutAwards 2012

 the stage was awesome
 the balllons that wasnt suppose to fly so soon hehe
me ayie and kila

this is my 2nd time attending the award. my first experience was fun, although this 2nd installment went quite bizzare. alot of major hiccups live and behind the stage. perhaps they changed the production team. anyway i went home with few memories:-

1. massacre consipiracy band were awesome!
2. dont mixed ameteur young kpop group in a young crowd expecting a fun rawking moment.
3. hannah tan is a miserable MC. i wont hire her as host and wont recommend her to my bosses.
4. Go Gerila performed a wrong song at the young crowd who dont recognize them
5. Yuna improved ALOT in her showmanship.
6. Dont mess with the young crowd, pick the right talents to perform according to the major crowd who will be attending.
7. young crowd will boo at lousy performers or worst throw things at them
8. dont waste audience time. minimal hiccup must be avoidable let alone major production fault.
9. Rizal the 8tv host cant host Live award show.
10. why 8tv invite jalaludin hassan to the award show is still a mystery. lol