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Friday, November 28, 2014


I love reading but i dont have time to read 
I am loving but i find it hard to believe anyone for me to be in love with...
/my life is funny...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Permainan cinta drama shoot visit

On location faezah ilai & nur resteena in one scene from dram 'permainan cinta'
Special pose from the leading ladies.

Permainan cinta is one of few new drama coming to hyppsensasi channel on hypptv. Produced by KRU exclusive for hypptv viewers. 

Im glad to met faezah ilai finally, i love her sempoi acting, she is talented. Glad to this drama features her and i hope the drama will be a hit.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cahaya dihujung nyawa at KLTV

Today we off to kltv studio to promote the new drama on hypptv, 'cahaya dihujung nyawa' it was a drama serie starring farah dhiya, razali hussain, dato jalaluddin hassan and many more. 

It was very KLTV style with the new hosts ammar & mira. Despite they are newbie in tv hosting, they are actually ohsem! 

         Hansome & pretty! Right! ☺️
Farahdhiya is a pretty lady, talented actress & a singer. I mean who dont recognize her hit ballad 'bertakhta dihati'? ☺️

While doing my work, i had fun playing with mr zebra on the set. Next time if i ever go to sydney zoo again, ill buy myself a collection of animals miniaturs! They are cute!

Meet darwina, the producer for KLTV ☺️

Definitely my favourite pic of the day 😂👯

Till next update! XoXo 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Saw this animax-astro truck at wangsa walk mall. They stop by at various shopping mall venues in peninsular to promote animax on astro. Fun happenings like cosplay and mascot appearance n photo opt. Run by agency with on ground krew. Do u love animax? I know i do. U do watch this channel once in a while if i have the time.